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Mountain Laurel Ceili Band

"It's the real thing! Authentic Traditional Irish Music!!"
-- A ceili dancer describing the Mountain Laurel Band

The Mountain Laurel Ceili Band is a group of traditional Irish Musicians that have been delighting crowds of music lovers and drawing groups of traditional dancers together for several years.

Click here for larger size photo of Mountain Laurel Ceili Band
Click here to view enlargement of Mountain Laurel Band at New Haven Festival
Mountain Laurel Ceili Band has considerable experience in playing for a variety of traditional Irish music venues including large concerts for festivals, ceilís, and conferences. Each summer these musicians are featured at Irish Festivals in New England like the 1999 New Haven Festival shown here. (click on any picture to see larger view)

The musicians are active members in their local Seery/Curry Branch of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann -- the international organization from Ireland chartered to promote and teach Irish music and culture.

Click here to see the traditional dancing to the tunes of Mountain Laurel Band The group plays in clubs, pubs, & lounges requesting authentic Irish music especially during Irish Holidays. They are a popular choice at events because of their patronage by many skilled traditional dancers as well as spectators. (click on any picture to see larger view)
The group plays for home parties and Irish Set Dances and Traditional Ceilí Dances such as the lively traditional dance shown here at the New Haven Irish Festival. (click on any picture to see larger view) Click here to see enlargement of Mountain Laurel Ceili Band with some lively dancing.

The Mountain Laurel Band musicians were chosen to play in the North American Irish Music Conference in Syracuse, NY in 1993.

Music Samples
Here are some live recording by the Mountain Laurel Ceili Band. These are not professional recordings (little tiny hand-held recorder at noisy festival) but will give a sampling of traditional Irish music!
RealPlayer (streaming)

Mountain Laurel Ceili Band Musicians

Click for large photo of Eddie Burke
(Click here for large photo)

Ed Burke

Eddy Burke came to this country From Galway, Ireland over forty years ago. He was raised in a family of traditional Irish musicians where he learned to play the fiddle as well as the accordion. Eddy offers an extensive repertoire of Traditional Irish Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, and other music he brought over from Ireland.


Click here for larger photo of Tom Walsh
(Click here for large photo)

Tom Walsh

Tom's roots are in Tipperary, Ireland. Tom's main instrument is the Piano Accordion, although he also sings Irish ballads and plays the tin whistle for The Mountain Laurel Ceili Band. Tom is the past Vice-chairman for the local branch of Comhaltas and has taught Irish Whistle classes at the Irish-American Club.


Click here for larger photo of Cindy Smith
(Click here for large photo)

Cindy Smith

Cindy's musical training was on classical piano. During this time, she expressed her Irish roots through traditional Irish step dancing. Five years ago Cindy hung up her dance shoes to play Irish piano with the musicians. With her popular style of backup piano and her periodic Irish vocals, she offers a solid foundation for the band.


Click here for larger photo of Pat Kennedy
(Click here for large photo)

Pat Kennedy

Pat Kennedy, of Tipperary, frequently finds time to play the drums and announce for Mountain Laurel Ceili Band. This activity is squeezed in between hosting Echoes Of Ireland, a radio show on WNHU FM., taking frequent trips back to the homeland, and teaching and hosting many wonderful Irish activities. Pat also enjoys running his DJ business that gives him the experiences that delight the audience with his friendly banter and rich Irish accent. The ceilís always get an extra lift when Pat takes the microphone and instructs the newcomers through the steps to traditional dances.

Jim Smith

Jim is the manager in charge of bookings and running the sound for the group. Jim, although classically trained on the violin, enjoys playing the fiddle and mandolin in Irish sessiuns. When not working with the sound system during performances, Jim sings an occasional Irish ballad with the group. For bookings or information, Jim can be contacted at (860) 228-0590 or by E-Mail at jimsmith@blarneystone.com.

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