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The Good News: For a few bucks, anyone can design a website for you!
The Bad News: For a few bucks, anyone can design a website for you!


Confused about the difference between having a bargain website designed by a novice vs. value you get through the professional knowledge of an experienced web designer?Homemade billboards look... homemade.

  • Your web site starts out like a blank billboard ready to be developed.
  • Your web site leaves a positive (hopefully!) impression on visitors across the globe about your business.
  • Don't hire a novice with a paint brush and paint bucket to do a bargain job of designing a billboard to show your business to thousands of potential customers!
  • Give us the opportunity to show how we can untangle the design and implementation of your own business' website from start to finish.
  • Contact us today for a free consultation.

*Our startup kit is a business person's best friend -- you control how much (or how little) you want put on the Internet without spending your valuable time trying to learn all of the intricacies of the Internet. Whether you are looking to introduce your business to the Internet or want a full E-Commerce site to sell everything in your catalog, our rates are reasonable and our service is fully guaranteed for your satisfaction.

  • Use a high speed connection to the Internet to keep your customers looking at your website.Click here for benefits Blarneystone offers in web hosting!
  • Get a complete statistics package to learn about browsing habits of your on-line customers.
  • Let us show you the benefits of placing your website directly in the fast lane rather than parking it on a local side street.

Blarneystone, LLC can give your business website a direct pipeline to the Internet. We offer a variety of website hosting options to allow you to choose the plan that is best for your needs. Your site will be connected to the world by three high speed DS-3 Internet connections through three separate providers: Sprint, MCI, and UUnet. This high speed connectivity combined with exceptionally fast and reliable servers ensures your Web site will be fast and responsive, 24 hours a day, every day.