web design and Internet Services

Blarneystone’s Internet Services provides Web Designs to meet your needs.

Custom and Templated Web Design

Whether you have a template that you like or would prefer our graphic design work with you to come up with a unique web design look for your website, Blarneystone can help.

Built in Editor to Make Your Own Changes

If you would prefer to make some of your own updates, add pages, post news alerts, we have on-line editors and training available to you. And you are also welcome to contact us to request that we make periodic updates to your site when you are too  busy or need some help. Your website updates should be structured for your convenience, not your web guys’ mood.

Full Service eCommerce Solutions for Your Online Store

Have you dreamed of having your own on-line store so others can buy your products? Or perhaps you have an on-store and you would like some help with it. Whether you are offering two items or two thousand or more items, Blarneystone can get you up and running. And more importantly, keep you up and running! We can even help you sort out the complexities of taking credit cards on-line.

If you have specific needs that are not met by available “turnkey solutions” let’s talk about setting up a custom-made e-commerce site that is tailored to do everything you want. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Taking Over to Make Repairs or Updates

It can happen. Like other industries, some individuals start out with all the enthusiasm in the world. Then they realize it takes more focus and dedication than they thought. Or they have some other reason that prevents them from being quite so prompt. I encourage fellow web designers to provide smooth transitions but sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. Blarneystone has been around for over 20 years and we know what it means to be reliable and dependable. If you want a conversation on what it will take for us to transition in to providing support for your website, contact us today. Let’s talk!