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secure certificate for domain name

Cool! The Hartford Courant newspaper published an article I wrote based upon the below  secure certificates alert. Google Has Issued the Official Warning—Encrypt by July 1* or Else! (changed to July 24) Google has been nudging everyone toward using a secure certificate for their website. There have been a few soft deadlines but now it appears that Read More

domain name addresses

Many people look for the domain name that they want and, finding it is taken, grab something that doesn’t match their image. Here are some suggestions when getting a domain name. Most importantly, try to find a dot-com name. Yes, they are hard to find but dot-net, dot-biz, dot-anythingelse is going to leave some of Read More

Domain Name Registry of America tricks unsuspecting folks by sending them mail or email that looks like legit invoices. Here’s how it works: I register your domain name and bill you for it. A year goes by and, prior to renewal date, Domain Registry of America (DROA) sends you a letter telling you that it Read More