Reviews and Testimonials

How To Get Good Reviews

If you don’t ask your customers for reviews, the few reviews you get might not accurately represent your business. It can be daunting to give your customers step-by-step instructions for each review site on how to give reviews. With my Easy Reviewer I can install a button on your website like the one below to remind visitors to leave a review.

Review Us

Then you can easily and automatically display your reviews on your website (see Blarneystone reviews here).

Or for better results, I can create an entire page or section devoted to getting reviews similar to the one below:


How Can You See All of Your Reviews?

Blarneystone makes it easy. Just fill in the following to see a free report with all of your reviews:


Do You Really Need Reviews?

According to Google, if you have reviews with 3 or more stars, you will get 87% more clicks. Have you ever been searching for something and found a website with several stars and other websites with a couple or even no stars? Who gets your business? Stars = Business!

What If You Get a Bad Review?

Let’s do something about it today! Of course if bad reviews are justified, you need to fix those problems. But most bad reviews are just that the good reviewers haven’t been asked to leave a review! (If I’m unhappy, I’m apt to leave a bad review without being asked). And reports now indicate that 80% of visitors to your website will not buy from your website if you have negative reviews without a lot of positives to make up for it. Statistically it can take up to a dozen positive experiences to make up for a single unresolved bad experience. But please do not fall for the temptation to pay to create fake reviews. That can be detected and can come back to haunt you. Good positive reviews are easy with our Easy Reviewer Tool. Contact us for details or check out our demos. Good reviews create good feelings for you and your customers!

Contact us today for more info on how to make it easier for your customers to brag about you!