What is a Mobile Website

A mobile website is a website that has been optimized to look great on a variety of mobile devices such as Smartphones, iPhones, etc. Over 50% of your visitors to your website use their mobile device to view your website. Here is an example of a regular website on a mobile phone vs a mobile-friendly website:

mobile website

Some of the features of the mobile website is a large button to “Call Us” (your customer already has their phone in their hand!), and another button to “Find Us” (most phones have a map and GPS to guide them right to your store!). Everything on your mobile website will be designed to be “thumb-friendly” so your visitor can scroll through and find the info they need without wanting to go elsewhere.

Mobile Website = Increased Sales

According to Google’s research, mobile sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement (revenue, page views, etc.) per visit for mobile users. That means that users on mobile-friendly sites take action. 1 in 5 website visits lead to an immediate call to the business. Don’t let them go to your competitors site!

 It generally takes about a week to mobilize a website. Once completed, switching from desktop to mobile site is automatic and seamless as it detects a mobile device and maximizes your visitors viewing experience. Now there’s no excuse for making your visitors squint to see your website on a smart phone!

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